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Fibre IRS ODU32

1 Piece

The Fibre IRS system distributes digital satellite and terrestrial (DTT & DAB) signals up to 64 points over a single fibre Passive Optical Network connected directly to an Optical Transmitter. A Gateway Termination Unit is located at each of the points connected. This converts the signals back to a form that all digital satellite and terrestrial STB's + DAB tuners expect to receive. Each end user is able to receive all services and programming like they were connected to their own antenna.

The Wholeband LNB (Above)  uses patented technology to frequency stack horizontal and vertical polarities creating a single satellite IF frequency range of 950Mhz to 5450Mhz. This single band signal is output via an ‘N’ connector and the 2m HF interconnect cable (power is supplied to the LNB via this) for connection to the ODU32.

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Wholeband LNB

1 Piece

The Fibre ODU32 is fully weather proof and is designed for mounting wit the antenna. It accepts and combines signals from the Wholeband LNB and digital terrestrial antenna (DTT/DAB). The combined signal is optically frequency modulated on to a laser inside the ODU32 and then equally split to 2 optical outputs (FC). Each output of the ODU32 can feed a PON of 32 points at which any fibre GTU can be connected.


To enable the fibre MDU system to work there needs to be a minimum of 10Dbm loss. This can be achieved using attenuator's or using a passive network of optical splitters. For Satellite over Fibre support products click here.

To achieve the maximum amount of coaxial points from one Optical LNB you will need to use Pro Optical Splitters. Click here for more details and pricing.

If you are using this system with Plug and Plug patch leads click here to view the full range.

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N Type High Frequency Coax Cable


The FibreIRS HF Interconnect Cable is designed to work at high

frequencies, this HF RG58 coaxial cable is used to connect the

Wholeband LNB to the ODU32. It is fitted with weatherproof ‘N’

connectors at each end and measures 2m in length. This cable will

also conduct power to the Wholeband LNB.

All of the above can be purchased as the F-IRSODU32 Kit. The kit includes all of the Fibre IRS equipment situated at the antenna location required to receive and transmit the digital IRS signal to 64 points. The Kit Includes the Wholeband LNB, IRS ODU32 and N type HF coax cable.

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Fibre IRS-ODU32 Kit

1 Piece

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Fibre IRS Virtual Quad GTU

1 Piece


Fibre IRS Virtual Quatro GTU

1 Piece

Each of the Fibre IRS Gateway Termination Units (GTU's) has been

developed to replicate specific types of traditional LNB (Quad & Quatro). Both provide a separate combined DTT/DAB output. The GTU converts the optical signal from an ODU32 back to the original type of satellite IF and DTT/DAB signals input. They are then output from the GTU via standard ‘F’ connections , and are ready to be

connected directly to digital satellite, DTT & DAB tuners or traditional multi-switches.

Fibre IRS Quad GTU

Fibre IRS Quatro GTU

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